‘Spread the Smile drive 😊!!’ What we are trying to do, is to bring small positive changes to someone’s life, and what we are getting in return, are the smiles and countless blessings from those we do that for.

Since joy multiplies joy, you should always put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you can give.

healthy snacks at school
Dev.Pro. Food Group powered by The NXT Group, joined hands with NGO ‘Mahanayaka Ambedkar Seva Samithi’ to distribute healthy chocolate goodies to underprivileged children across orphanages in Bangalore. The act of gifting a little goodness of health and great taste to the small kids, was welcomed by utter joy. Not only did the smiles on their faces make everyone’s day, but also made everyone realize the joy in gifting. The team of volunteers from DEV.PRO. Food and Mahanayaka Ambedkar Seva Samithi distributed the full range of DevPro natural confectionary products to the children and the entire staff to bring a little cheer at the orphanages.

We would like to express a special thanks to Mr. Harish Babu for his support in completing this campaign.

As per the orphanages, this was indeed the best gift for all of them because, in such unprecedented times, the gift of joy and health is the most important.

Their smile made our day 😊